I Screamed at the end, because this was too brilliant

Wes Craven’s Scream franchise is a really iconic horror and whodunnit mix. To this time I didn’t saw anything from this IP, but the trailer got my attention to the new chapter of Scream. Yesterday night I went to the cinema, watched it, and got my mind blown.

At one night Ghostface attacks a girl, Tara, in her house, which gets the attention of her sister, Sam, and her boyfriend, Richie, whom are comes back to Woodsboro. They and Tara’s friends start an investigation after the “killer”, and as the events getting on the original trio joins the teens.

First I want to appreciate the casting. Jack Quaid is a great actor, I’m happy, that he didn’t go missing in Hollywood after The Boys. I loved his character, as he was sitting in the middle of a murder mystery and watching Netflix. Perfect. Also here You season two’s Jenna Ortega got herself a bigger role in the case (at some point I was sure, that she’s going to be the killer), and I’m really happy for her. She’s a young, talented actress, I hope, that the studios going to give her bigger roles in great movies, like this. It was a great homage from the creators to bring back the original main characters (Campbell, Cox and Arquette), but it felt for me that they were unnecessary. David Arquette and Neve Campbell were okay, but Cox was terrible. She got a few bad puns, which she wouldn’t have to say, but she did, and created really awkward moments.

I loved this twisted story, with no jump scares and with a lot of blood. The third act was really thrilling, I changed my mind about who the killer is in every second, so the reveal was actually surprising. The writers built a great tension in the whole movie, there was no blank space, boring talking and shit like that. This whole situation, where the main characters aware of the fact, that they’re in a “horror movie” is great. They’re trying to live by the rules of the horror movies, to survive to the credits. A few of them actually making it, but lots of them are going to be dead by some brutal way. My favorite killing was the one, with the car and the Peaky Blinders’s intro song Red Right Hand (that was the point, when I started to love this movie).

I came out the theater happy, and satisfied with this movie, as my first cinema experience in 2022. Now I have to watch the other 4 Scream films, and the directors other movie, Ready or Not, because I’m really interesting in they work after this masterpiece.