The Book of Boba Fett – Lots of lore, lesser story in the first two episodes

There’s already two episodes out of the new Star Wars series, but it grows up to The Mandalorian? It has that “it” factor, what the fans want? There are lot of fanservices? The only thing I’m sure about, that this is a heavy spoiler territory. So if you haven’t seen the first two episodes, and don’t want to be ruined by me, come back after you watched them.

The short answer to the question above, is that you have to figure out this. To me, it nearly not as good, as The Mandalorian (note: I didn’t liked the last episode with that fake dude, and his robot. For me the ending of season 2 was a really big disappointment.). I’ve got 3 points which way I’m going to observe the series opening act, and these are quality, lore and story.

First of all: the quality doesn’t seems that good. It’s just somehow weird. I can see where they used green screen (which I didn’t saw in The Mandalorian), the practical effects (the gamorreans look bad if we compare to the episode 6 versions to this) are not good either. This is just simply not that AAA category that we used to see at a Star Wars content. The action sequences are great. The fight and the rooftop chase in the first episode, then the train hijack in the second are well choreographed. There can be no complain about them.

Second: I got it, that lots of people love Tatooine, and they want more lore about the tuskens, and the tribes they live in, but that’s what you get, if you read the book called “Kenobi”. That book gives you that knowledge what you want about Tatooine. We could say, that I’m a new generation, who doesn’t understand how cool Boba Fett is, but I don’t think that we needed this whole “how Boba survives the sarlacc pit” story line. It is boring. If you’re familiar with the legends lore, you already know, that Degnar rescued Boba, and helped him to recover, and that was so much cooler than this canon way. Now it feels like the writers watched that Patton Oswalt scene from Parks and Recreation, and they just did exactly what he said. If there not going to be a big showdown at the and of the season, where this tusken clan gets involved, I gotta say that story line is totally unnecessary.

Finally: The present line is great, but it’s short. It’s interesting to watch how Boba and Fennec tries to figure out what to do with the other crime lords in the region. They make a really good “buddy cop” couple (at least better than Sam and Bucky), fun to watch them interacting with the others. These hutt twins looks interesting, I’m looking forward, what they going to do in the episodes ahead. And off course there Black Krrsantan, the mighty wookiee. I was surprised to see him here, it made me really happy. I love the Doctor Aphra comics, and he is a great character in them. He should fight with Fennec (or anyone), cause that would be awesome.

For conclusion I’ll say that these episodes are not on that level, that they supposed to be, but hopefully they will be better, as we going forward. I hope that we’re going to leave the tuskens, and focus on the present political war. So it’s not the best Star Wars content, but still better, than episode 9.